Sunday, October 31, 2021

My Latest Book

This morning I've been working on the final draft of my forthcoming book. I'm stressing simplicity and common sense. Once you've learned a few rules of the road, you'll be well on your way. Bible study should be fun. If it's a chore, then something's not right. 

I join my heart with that of our Heavenly Father to encourage all of us to read the Bible more and come to know the Father better. 

Here's how the book starts: 

Reading the New Testament is a straightforward task. It deserves a straightforward book. That’s why I wrote How to Make the New Testament Come Alive!

This book doesn’t attempt to explain everything there is to know about New Testament interpretation. It only explains what you need to know. It drills down to the essentials.

Everything you read in these pages has emerged from my four and a half decades of experience as a New Testament teacher. I’ve organized the book in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. There are just four main sections: Getting Started, Reading the New Testament, Interpreting the New Testament, and Applying the New Testament. Each section has additional “chaplets” (as I call them) that provide short, concise summaries of key information.

I’ve tested every piece of advice in How to Make the New Testament Come Alive! Over the past 45 years, I’ve taught courses in New Testament interpretation over 100 times – more than enough to make lots of mistakes (not good for me) and figure out a better way (good for you). I believe that every time I open my New Testament is a new adventure. I hope How to Make the New Testament Come Alive! will make you feel the same way.