Friday, October 1, 2021

God Rushes No One

So I have the High Bridge Half Marathon at the High Bridge (duh) in Farmville tomorrow.

It's my final "long run" before next weekend's ultra. I love courses I can get excited about. Distraction is a wonderful thing when you're trying to grind out 13.1 miles. Yes, it's a drive to get to Farmville, but it's worth it. It helps if you take the backroads. 

I plan to go out slow and easy and not compete in this race, but knowing me (Type AAA) I will probably go out pedal to the medal. If there's anything we know about runners, it's that we tend to be on the competitive side. That's great if you're racing. That's bad if all you want to do is get in one final long run before your peak race. So I must be patient. 

In the spiritual realm, I have to remember that sanctification takes time. God's work in our lives is a process -- it takes a long period of time to accomplish. Becoming an instant Christian makes as much sense as becoming an instant brain surgeon. 

God rushes no one. Not even Type AAA personalities.