Sunday, October 3, 2021

Problem Solving and Me

Life is all about problem-solving, so I decided to write out my problem-solving goals for this coming week. We have the week off from school so I hope to be able to work hard on the things on this list. Here goes:

1. I want to get rid of the chalazion that's developed in my upper right eyelid. Not only does it make me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, it's beginning to drop my eyelid over my eye and affect my vision. I have an appointment on Tuesday with an ophthalmologist to see what he says. Hopefully he can remove it then and there.

2. I want to make sure that I don't overdo my training this week in view of next weekend's 31-mile ultra (the course is really 32 miles, which is actually a big deal). And as though the Lord was listening in to this conversation, I see that most of the week will be cloudy and rainy, with some pretty heavy thunderstorms. Maybe that will keep me indoors like a good boy. The goal is to arrive at the starting line fresh, fit, and healthy.

3. I want to do a better job of embracing commitment and self-discipline. If you know me, you know I eschew excuses and rationalization. People ought to do follow through with their promises without grumbling and complaining (Phil. 2:14). And that includes moi! 

4. I want to learn how to be better at being present when I'm with people I love. Like giving my students my undivided attention when I happen upon them in the courtyard, making (and keeping) eye contact with them -- especially to show off my chalazion, not checking my phone when students are in my office, etc. 

5. I want to become kinder to myself -- which sounds like a contradiction to #3 but really isn't. What I mean is leaving perfection behind in this race of life. This may mean checking emails less often, saying "no" to things and people I'm not passionate about, and taking myself out of the picture because the world doesn't revolve around me. 

6. Winning the lottery. (Kidding.) 

I know these are some fantastic goals. Am I up to the task? Stay tuned!