Wednesday, October 6, 2021

With Jesus

Today was my final run before Saturday's race.

I don't always do this, but today I practiced my Spanish while on the track. Here's one of the sentences I came across. 

You know, don't you, where my mind went immediately. In the Gospel Commission, our Lord promised to be with us "all the days" (Greek pasas tas hemeras). God's abundance is available to us each and every day. There is no doubt about its daily supply. 

I truly believe that Christian work without the joy of Jesus' presence is the worst form of drudgery. It's just jumping through hoops. It does not glorify God or help anyone. Nothing under the sun can be as tedious as "church work" without the Spirit of God. I want to walk with Jesus today. I want to experience his presence today. A humble Christian can know more about this great subject than thousands of professors of theology. There is an art of practicing the presence.The days may be dark and cloudy, but we are never deserted.

Of course, our God is not bound by the temporal. He is omnitemporal. Yet he is with us day after day after day. We have his word on it. Without his presence we are shorn Samsons on a treadmill. How many of our religious institutions assume his presence when he is nowhere around! 

This afternoon I'm going to walk in the woods, visit the goats, fill the waters, answer emails, cook a steak, and get some writing done. With Jesus.