Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Seeking Excellence

The running shoes I bought last week have already begun to fall apart. How in the world can a glued sole come apart after only a week of wear and tear? 

If you are looking for mediocrity, there is plenty to be had in this world. We make a grave mistake when we think of excellence as something extra, unusual, occasional, and irregular. We live in a day when too many give God the scraps. He gets the crumbs while we eat the cake. Such treatment would be insulting to our earthly friends. I don't want to live that way. God deserves more than the leftovers of my time, money, and what remains of my earthly years. But this is not a matter of self-effort. Only as we abide in Christ can we abound for him. Our service must be an expression of our love for God if it is to be acceptable to him. Blessed are those who give it their best in view of that Day when every person's work will be made manifest!