Wednesday, August 31, 2022

(Another) Boring Mid-Day Update

I spent the morning doing research for my book, had lunch, then went to the local trail for a midday run. 

Although I'm an experienced runner, I'm still able to make it look like this is the first time I've ever run. Two miles was all I did. Was it optimal? No. Was it better than a V-Shred commercial? Absolutely.

Next stop? Food Lion, where I got the ingredients for a meal I've been craving for days. 

My "secret" recipe for chili? Follow the instructions on the back of the chili mix packet. Easy, see? 

Right now it's time for an hour power nap and then it's back to the books. 

NOTE: There's really no purpose for this blog post other than the fact that I needed a break from my daily routine, which can get kinda boring. Sorry to have to put you through it.