Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Internet Is Funky (+ Edwards' Resolution #4 and My Run Today)

When I started this blog almost 20 years ago, I was a clueless newbie. Nothing has changed. So when my blog went belly up yesterday, I called a good friend who is an expert in all things cybernetic and he's been on it. Thanks to all of you who let know they couldn't open my blog yesterday. We think the problem has been resolved. But you never know. It's the internet, after all. 

After my Bible study time this morning, I went for another training run at the high school. 

While exercising, I meditated on another one of Jonathan Edwards' resolutions. Here it is (without any commentary on my part). 

After 5 miles I decided to call it a day. 

Like my wrinkles? Obviously I don't do very much for skin care and it is catching up to me. 

Lots of farm work to do yet and tempus is fidgeting, as the Latins used to say. Some people my age become bored with life. How is that even possible? When you have 123 acres to care for, there's always something to do. There wasn't even a word for "boredom" in Ancient Greek. In English, the word didn't come into common parlance until Charles Dickens used it in 1852. Historically, people have always had a lot on their platter. Honestly, I do tend to get bored rather easily, but that's probably because I have a Type A personality -- goal-oriented and risk-taking (and, conversely, stubborn and impatient). 

Anyway, it is no secret -- I love being active. That includes being active on this here old blogaroo. Glad to see it's up again if for no other reason than it gives me a place to talk about boredom.