Monday, August 22, 2022


We have been witnessing a new "religion" for some time now in the U.S. The histerics, the wokeness, the blind faith, the quickness to consider others as heretics, the self-righteousness, the intolerance toward "non-believers." Even many conservatives are falling for this ideology. 

Get ready for our culture to become more and more closed-minded as more and more of us find virtue in ignorance. You have a choice now to be religious or not. In reality, according to those who act as priests for this new religion, you have no choice to refuse it. Welcome to the medieval era, born again. 

I am hesitant to foist another word on you, especially one that is in a foreign tongue, but the Germans have a word for what we are talking about. It was a term the 19th century Viennese society used for killing off ideas not considered to be culturally acceptable to the elites. That term is:


We can translate it as "death by silence." This is why you will be labeled a non-believer. You will be asked to live in evil and denial, and resistance is useless. 

When the real God is pushed away, his place doesn't stay empty. It will be filled with knowledge -- no, by another belief system, a new religion, a false god. It is the straightest path to hell, both personally and institutionally.