Saturday, August 20, 2022

Odds and Sods

So I was in a baking mood yesterday.

I think the grandkids enjoyed their snack as they went about their day. 

This morning I walked for a few miles at the local high school. 

Yes, I said "walked." Tomorrow is race day and I wanted to rest my dogs. 

Oh, I'm putting the final touches on my talk at the Clearview Apologetics Conference next month. The "eikē" underlined below is the disputed word in Matt. 5:22. 

Here I'm trying to show that the word could have been omitted because of an error of the eye. The technical term is homoioarcton ("similar beginning"). This is possible. But I still think the word was omitted to make Jesus' teaching about anger black and white. 

Yesterday I deep-cleaned the house. Don't think I've done this in quite some time. I also went through my clothes and other miscellaneous stuff and have decided to give about half of it away. My oh my how all those little things add up over time. And, I guess I'm lazy. Sure, I'll run 44 miles (70 kilometers) on my 70th birthday but do not ask me to mop the floors. I've GOT to get a grip on this or I might be disowned by my family. In The Happiness Project, the author suggests that all tasks that take one minute or less to complete should be done immediately. I have been trying to implement that but those minutes keep adding up! 

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are, and wherever you go, I do hope you and your family have a very lovely weekend.