Friday, August 19, 2022

Got Your Goat?

No, I'm not referring to what someone says to you when they think they've gotten the better of you in a situation. I'm saying, if you ever plan on living on a couple of acres, be sure to get goats. 

When Bec and I lived in La Mirada, CA, we had a third of an acre. On this small property we had 21 fruit trees, 3 avocado trees, a large vegetable garden, a chicken coop, a donkey, and two horses. We also had goats. Remember: this was in the middle of the city! 

Goats make the greatest pets. They are adorable creatures. They love to be with you. They are active and playful. They love kids (both theirs and yours). I know from years of experience that goats are easier to care for than sheep. (A shepherd might strongly disagree with me here.) They are smart as all-get-out and as curious as a cat. Oddly enough, each of them has its own personality and emotions. Goats LOVE to be petted. 

Having goats around is not only good for companionship but a good measure of stress relief. I remember Becky saying, "How can you worry while watching goats?" The more goats feel loved, the more they will return love to you. 

Goats, when cared for properly, are a fun choice of livestock. 

You really ought to "get a goat."