Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ethiopian, Anyone?

This is no food blog. No one needs to know what I eat or why. It's just not that exciting. As you know, however, I am a lover of all things Ethiopian, and that includes their unique cuisine. This evening I was able to share the joy of injera b'wat with some friends at the Awaze Ethiopian Restaurant in Cary. I had spent all day at my Wake Forest office and had a huge appetite when dinner time came. We enjoyed a chicken dish, a beef dish, and a mixture of various cooked veggies. In good Ethiopian fashion, we spent a long time at the table yakking about various and sundry. 

In Amharic there's the word "gursha." It refers to an Ethiopian custom where, as a sign of respect, someone at a meal feeds another person with a bite of injera and sauce. This is truly "hand to mouth" dining. Y'all look like pros! 

If you spend any time here on this blog at all, you know that I love dining with interesting company, and tonight was certainly no disappointment in that regard. But that's enough for now. I'm tired and need to have my vespers and then head to bed. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy Ethiopian cuisine, you might give it a try the next time you're near an Ethiopian restaurant. You will, I think, like it, especially if you enjoy food that is a little on the spicy side.