Thursday, February 1, 2024

I Will Serve Thee Because I Love Thee

I've been a teacher now for a long time. You know, after 47 years, let me share something with you, and I praise God when I say this, but I am enjoying myself right now more than I ever have in my life. And it's because of God's blessings that I enjoy what I do on a daily basis more than I ever have. I've seen so many guys after 35 or 40 years, it sort of becomes just a form and ritual with them. I praise God that he's given me joy and excitement to serve him like I never have before. And I serve him not out a sense of duty, not because I feel that I have to. Like you, I serve him simply because I love him. May God bless you, my friend, as you listen to the words of this beautiful Bill Gaither song.