Friday, February 2, 2024

Worshiping in the Midst of Drudgery

I was talking to someone the other day who told me his work was complete drudgery. I remember a time in my life when that was the case as well. Bec and I were getting ready to move to Switzerland and we needed to have "x" amount of U.S. dollars in a Swiss bank account before they would even think of  letting us into the county. (No one mooches off of the government in Switzerland, least of all foreign nationals.) At that time Becky was working two jobs. I had three -- teaching Greek at Biola (happy happy), returning tax returns to downtown Los Angeles (not too bad), and working two 12-hour shifts every weekend at an Amway pill factory (detestable). I hated the latter job with a passion. But without it, we'd have never achieved our goal of studying in Basel. 

That job didn't need to be so bad. My attitude was the biggest problem. I had forgotten that worship is not something reserved for Sunday morning. It's to be daily and continuous, regardless of what we are doing at the moment. This includes weekly worship, Sunday after Sunday, but I needed to learn to do that until my life was pervaded with it, until work became worship, an offering of praise to God. 

My reading this morning was in Psalm 145. 

In verse 2 we read that worship is to be daily. Here's the Hebrew. Go ahead and say the words aloud. 

Jesus is not just Lord of our church life. He's Lord of our daily life -- our civic life, our domestic life, our athletic life, even our vocational life. There is no chamber of my heart that should be locked against him. Insofar as what we do is done in communion with God, in submission to his will, and for his honor and glory, it is true worship. Even in the midst of abject drudgery. 

I hope you do a better job of remembering that than I did!