Friday, February 9, 2024

Prepositional Theology

New Testament theology is propositional theology. But it's also prepositional theology! Have you noticed? According to the New Testament, a Christian is essentially a person who is rightly related to Jesus Christ. And this personal relationship with Christ is a many-sided thing. A Christian lives his or her life in a variety of ways, and these ways are frequently described with various Greek prepositions:

So I guess if we had to summarize what life for the believer is all about -- if we ask why God sent his Son into the world to be born, to die, to rise, to return to his right hand, and to come again -- if we had to say what God is up to in this long, drawn out process, it would be impossible to give an answer that is other than Christ-centered. God's purpose, in essence, to make human beings like Jesus Christ. 

Short and sweet!