Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Bar Assisted Pull Up

Essentially, when you go to the gym you can either wing it or you can plan out beforehand the exercises you'd like to perform for that day. Of course, a visit to the gym can often combine both approaches, because even if you do have a plan, you will tend to adjust it as you proceed throughout your workout. Together I was a bit more disciplined than usual and completed each of the exercises on my list for today's gym session. 

The bar assisted (or foot assisted!) pull up is shown below. As I've said before, the idea is to work on easier variations to build up your foundation for regular pull ups. After all, your joints may not have adapted to full push ups yet. 

Though it wasn't on my list today, I also performed a machine chest press, which I had never done before (I prefer to use free weights in my workouts). It was a really strange experience but one I'm sure I'll get used to the more I perform it. 

If you're learning a new exercise, be sure to use lighter weight and then increase it as necessary. I think I may have gone a bit too heavy on this exercise today.

Hope you are all well! Have a wonderful day.