Monday, February 26, 2024

Moving from Tradition to Biblical Patterns

Sometimes I'm asked, "If what you promote (about church leadership, for example) is so clearly taught in Scripture, how come my pastor wasn't taught it in seminary?" Great question! Not sure there are any easy answers. Maybe I could say this for starters. In my experience, it's easy for seminaries and Bible colleges to train leaders to fit what the churches are looking for rather than to follow biblical patterns. We teachers might not want to admit it, but tradition is a powerful force. Thankfully, while some seminaries are moving toward conformity with the world, many are moving intentionally toward a renewed emphasis on biblical principles. If you're in a church that has followed convention for years, the proper place to begin reformation is with the corporate study of Scripture, from the pulpit or in Bible study classes, over time. Churches need to see that the Bible does teach these things. While this is taking place, let's not forget to be loving and patient with each other. Remember, God is a good Shepherd. He gently leads his people to the place where they're willing to change! 

Just a thought :-)