Wednesday, February 21, 2024

My Day

Hey friends. When running, as I did today, you want to cover the ground as relaxed as possible. Your greatest enemy is tenseness. So the less strain you carry with you on your run, the farther and easier you can go. 

Great runners don't waste energy with their arms. All your effort should go to your legs. Just watch Eliud Kipchoge. You'll immediately notice the absence of arm-pumping in front of his chest. He looks effortless when running, which is the goal of every efficient runner. (No, this is NOT a video of Kipchoge!) 

Replenish your protein and carbs as soon as you can after you've finished your run. Eliminate sugary drinks, including fruit juices. Drink water (mostly) when you are thirsty. 

Arriving back on the farm I noticed that the daffodils were up -- a sure sign that spring is not far away. 

I fed the animals and noticed that we had yet another baby! He was born this morning. 

Ira says, "Hey, Bandit!"

Just sharing a few pics from my day. Hope you're all well!