Friday, February 9, 2024

Working the Pecs

The next body part I'm really focusing on is the chest, not necessarily because I want stronger or bigger pecs per se, but because science shows that the pecs act as a support muscle for the arms and back. Science also shows that the only chest exercise you really need is the dumbbell bench press. This allows you to hit not only the upper pec fibers but also the sternal portion of your chest. The use of dumbbells also allows your hands to travel a little closer to each other at the top of the movement to achieve greater adduction of the arms, rather than what happens when they are placed in a barbell during a barbell chest press. I've been doing the bench press consistently for over a year now but frankly I have seen very little results. 

Sorry to expose my bare chest to you, but I think you can handle it. 

My goal moving forward is to lighten the weight a bit and work more on letting the chest do the work on every single rep of this exercise.

Hope all is well with you. Been fighting a cold but I'm much better now!