Friday, February 9, 2024

Inerrancy Is Foundational

Hey everyone. As you can probably tell, I can be a broken record at times. That's because I'm convinced we're in the middle of a new "Battle for the Bible." Please, if you're a seminary student, remember that acceptance of inerrancy is foundational to your ministry. The attitude you adopt toward the trustworthiness of Scripture will determine your positions not only on matters of faith but also on matters of practice. Never forget that those who surrender the doctrine of inerrancy inevitability depart from Christian orthodoxy. Unfortunately, they don't also surrender the right to use the name "evangelical," like they should. So whatever the cost, call your people to faithful service to Christ based on an unqualified adherence to his word, which is free from all error.

I know you've heard this message a million times before. I just wanted to spread the word so people aren't ignorant of the battle raging today.

I love you all!