Thursday, March 14, 2024

A Lovely Day on the Farm

There is nothing more relaxing than being outside. I spent 5 hours outdoors today. After all, the temps got up to 78! I also met up with my kids and grandkids who were on the other side of the farm stacking hay on their trailer for a delivery. I love nothing more that the sights, sounds, and rhythms of the farm. I love seeing how excited all the animals get when my son and his wife drive into the farm. I love the everyday chores and jobs. I love cutting the grass. Such a calm, natural, and beautiful existence. I know it's not for everybody. But I enjoy it. 

Have a lovely evening wherever you are! 

Reuben's up to two toofies!

Homemade raisin bread and fresh eggs from my daughter. Yes, she spoils me.