Tuesday, March 19, 2024

We Can Always Improve!

In his book Leadership Jazz, Max Depree tells a story about a German machine tool company that once designed a very fine tool bit. It could bore a hole the size of a human hair. It seemed the ultimate in machine technology. The company sent samples off to Russia, the U.S., and Japan. From the Russians they heard nothing. From the Americans came an inquiry about pricing and discounts. Eventually a polite response along with a small package arrived from the Japanese. "We've made a slight alteration to your bit," a note read. When the Germans opened the package and examined the bit, they discovered that the Japanese had bored a neat hole through it. 

I've been at my craft for 48 years. Can I still improve? You bet I can. Are their contributions I can still make? Absolutely. There are things in life I can and should be doing that I'm not doing. 

Aging is no excuse for becoming neglectful or lazy. We can always improve!