Thursday, March 28, 2024


How magnificent it is to meet a magnanimous person!

In 1 Tim. 6:18 (my Bible study this morning), Paul tells the wealthy to use their means to:

  • do good
  • be rich in good works
  • be generous and ready to share

We've all known such people. I'll tell you my story. When I went to Biola in 1971, I paid my own tuition for the first two years of my B.A. program. Before my third year of study arrived, I got news from the registrar that a man planned to pay my tuition not only for the rest of my bachelor's program but for my entire M. Div. program at Talbot. I never paid a penny of tuition again. I found out that this individual was doing the same for several others whose potential in his estimation had merited his support. The man insisted on being anonymous. I never knew his name. But his gift to me represented many thousands of dollars. Because of his magnanimity, Becky and I were able to save the funds needed to live in Basel for 3 years. 

I'll never forget that. How wonderful to find generous people in the body of Christ who are willing and able to share their wealth with others!