Monday, March 11, 2024

Seven Reasons I Love Teaching

Here are 7 reasons why I love teaching so much:

1. Surprising students. You never know when one of them will make a connection with the material and do something fabulous with it.

2. Discerning that sometimes the best students aren't those sitting in the front asking all the questions.

3. It provides me with a way to know that I am making a positive contribution to the future. Every semester I can see it in the faces and words of some of my students,

4. I enjoy spending time with my students.

5. I realized that this was what I was made for and I decided to stay in the profession no matter what.

6. I enjoy helping people learn, inspiring them to become passionate about the learning experience.

7. Every student has a teacher or guide in his life. A teacher is a person who can influence students and motivate them for their very best future.