Sunday, March 10, 2024

My First Race of the Year: The 2024 "Run on the Runway"

The 10K distance is not for everybody. But I have a strong personal attachment to that distance. It was the first race longer than a 5K that I ever did. It's sort of the next step before you do a half marathon (and eventually your first marathon). There's a lot of racing wisdom to be gained by running 6.2 miles. 

One of the 10K races I look forward to the most is the "Run on the Runway" in Greensboro, NC, every March. I just signed up for this year's event. Many runners consider it kind of like a pep rally to kick off their racing season. I've already done this delightful race twice. Before the start of one of them I had someone take this corny picture. You can clearly see the landing stripe on the runway. 

What I really enjoy about this event is that the field is divided into waves based on pace so that you're running with people who are of the same ability level. It's also a great flat course, which makes it truly the perfect race to dust off your racing shoes. 

If you're a runner, I think you would enjoy it!