Thursday, March 14, 2024

Education is NOT Neutral

Our mindset is the foundation for SO MUCH of what we do. This applies to the field of education. Without question, the humanities have lost their sense of direction. Students leave college with no commitments and no sense of direction. The "permanent things" (T. S. Eliot) -- the norms of human action -- are being replaced by purely pragmatic concerns. The dramatic influence of skepticism is now seen throughout higher education. Universities have abandoned the quest for ultimate, normative truth. A worldview of relativism has replaced a biblical worldview.

Please think about this if you're thinking of sending your son or daughter to a prestigious North American university. There is no such thing as a neutral philosophy of education. Every educational system has an ultimate goal. This isn't the time for conservative Christians to abandon the quest for ultimate truth. The Sophists of our age have driven a wedge between reason and revelation, between knowledge and truth. But the Bible never pits reason against revelation. No real progress can occur until we realize that no educational system that ignores biblical revelation and religious values can qualify as a quality education. 

Just a thought!