Thursday, March 28, 2024

Finding the Warrior Within You

It's amazing, really. Amazing how much support runners get at every event hosted by the Marines. This includes the Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA, every year. 

Alone, or in groups, you make your way to the starting line. You wait for the cannon to go off, lost in your thoughts and fears. The dreaded Hospital Hill awaits you at mile 11. 

Slowly, defiantly, you begin to run up the hill, to the cheers and encouragement of the Marines. 

With them at your side you discover renewed enthusiasm. 

As you dig deeper to find the courage to battle those last few miles, you discover that you can be brave when you need to. You cross the finish line and they are all there, the brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps, gathered to cheer you to the finish. 

The race over, you sit down exhausted. You can finally quit. You can stop running. You are tired. You are hot. And you have never been happier. 

You had found the warrior within you.