Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Trying Out Different Bible Translations

Feel free to read the Bible in the English version of your choice  -- it's totally up to you!

However, personally I find I need to read several different versions just to feel like I've stretched myself. Also, I think it's beneficial to read both literal translations and idiomatic ones. Or at least have the willingness to do so! I still have my Old Scofield KJV Bible that I got when I was saved at 8. And, of course, I read the Hawaiian Pidgin Bible quite a bit. Perhaps my favorite paraphrase of the Bible is the Living Bible. This excellent resource came about when author Ken Taylor began rewriting portions of the Bible in a way his younger children could understand. Like the Good News Bible, it uses simple English and is great for review and repeated reading. For example, here's Psalm 23:1 in the Living Bible:

"Because the Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need!"

I thought of this verse when I pulled into the farm this morning and saw this scene:

I know people have a lot of reasons for why they read the Bible. For me, I guess it's because I realize that the goals of Bible reading are a closer relationship with God and a lifestyle that is changing more and more in accordance with his will and his word. 

What about you?

Which versions do you use?

Are you open to trying different ones?

Have a great day!