Friday, March 29, 2024

Outlining Rom. 12:9-16

How was your time in the Bible this morning? Mine was wonderful. I decided to exegete Rom. 12:9-16 for a sermon I'm preparing. 

Paul titles this section of Romans "Love Unhypocritical!" Love is THE pervasive trait that colors all the others. Thus far my outline looks like this:

  • Love sincerely (v. 9)
  • Love discerningly (v. 9)
  • Love affectionately (v. 10)
  • Love enthusiastically (v. 11)
  • Love patiently and prayerfully (v. 12)
  • Love sacrificially (v. 13)
  • Love redemptively (v. 14)
  • Love empathetically (v. 15)
  • Love humbly (v. 16)

You may read the passage differently and that's okay. But this is what I've come up with so far!