Friday, March 15, 2024

Called to Teach

One of the things I love most about teaching is watching students discover their calling in life. Some of them will become teachers themselves. Is there any greater job for those who teach? Is there any greater joy than knowing that God used your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your throat to communicate truth people live by? As God makes them into teachers, he'll also use their Facebook posts, their blogs, their publications to instruct the church.

Teaching is a calling like no other. You'll be engaged in touching the lives of those who are starving for truth. There's a famine in the land. There's a thirst for the word of God like I've never seen in my almost 5 decades of teaching. Hunger for truth is everywhere. Christians are more ignorant of Scripture than I've ever known them to be.

What a joy to watch students of mine -- not all but some -- commit their entire lives to teaching the decrees and regulations of God to the people. It's been said that there are two important days in your life: the day when you were born, and the day you discovered why. For some of you, that reason will be to give yourself completely and unreservedly to the assignment of teaching. Which means -- don't shortchange your time of preparation in seminary!