Sunday, March 3, 2024

Yes, I Do Enjoy Music

After church today I got in an easy 5-mile run. It was a very nice day and I was really happy to get back on the trail. 

What do I think about when I run? It varies. Sometimes I think about a book I'm writing. At other times I think about my upcoming classes. Often I'm praying, by name, for my kids and grandkids. Today I decided to listen to music. Here's a snapshot of my playlist.

Other songs included: 

  • The Grass Roots -- Midnight Confessions
  • The Beach Boys -- Don't Worry Baby
  • Spanky and Our Gang -- Sunday Will Never Be the Same
  • Spirit -- I Got a Line on You
  • The Association -- Cherish
  • The Hollies -- On a Carousel
  • Dave Mason -- We Just Disagree
  • The Seekers -- Georgy Girl
  • We Five -- You Were on My Mind
  • The Monkees -- Pleasant Valley Sunday
  • Andrew Gold -- Lonely Boy
  • Christopher Cross -- Sailing

Those of us who came of age in the 60s and 70s had no idea how good we had it back then. Music was so special and so magical. Musicians has genuine talent, could write great songs, play the instruments, sing harmonies. I remember seeing a couple of bands live. How great was that? No lip syncing. No dubbed over sounds. No computer-generated beats. No needless post-processing mixing. Just plain and simple and real sound from talented artists. That was a treat. Those days are long gone (never thought I'd end up sounding like your grandfather!) but they live on in my heart and can never be taken from my memory. 

Oh, I also have a playlist of worship songs that I enjoy while running as well. Mostly by groups like the Maranatha Singers. I enjoy the sweetness of the vocals and the musicality of the songs. Here's a sample in case you're interested. 

Whatever your favorite music, I wish you a blessed week!