Friday, March 15, 2024

A Place of Refuge

For 27 wonderful years, Becky and I lived in La Mirada, California. Those were some of the best years of our lives. I studied at, then taught at, Biola University. Before the kids came along we were able to buy our first house. It was only about a 7 minute drive from campus. Our house is the top circle. Biola is the bottom circle. And the arrow is a riding ring. 

For us it was a HUGE piece of property -- a full third of an acre! I think it was here that we learned to love farming even before we became farmers. On this small piece of land we had:

  • 2 donkeys
  • 2 horses
  • our chicken coop mansion
  • several goats
  • 21 fruit trees
  • 3 avocado trees
  • our vegetable garden
  • and, of course, our Shelties

As I said, just down the road from us, the city of La Mirada maintained a riding ring and a bridle path. I had both to myself since nobody else seemed to own horses. I guess you could say it was as close to country living as you can have in the middle of the city. Becky, of course, grew our own vegetables and canned our own fruit. I think the best part was being able to pick a fresh avocado whenever I wanted to (I love avocados)! With this background, I guess I'm not very surprised than one of our kids ended up becoming a full-time farmer. 

Their farm is only about 20 minutes from mine. Isn't that kind of the Lord? And yes -- we help each other. 

As I look back today, I wonder if Becky and I would have ever become involved in farming if we had bought a typical subdivision home rather than a property that was zoned R-1 (agricultural). Jesus often retreated with his disciples to a sanctuary -- a hiding place where they could release their heavy loads, put body and soul back together, and, most of all, reconnect with their heavenly Father. The farm has become this place of refuge for me. 

Please don't forget that Christ has called us to take breathers once in a while -- to rest up, to celebrate the empty tomb, and to be still and meditate on God. I hope you have a place of refuge like that in your life.  

P.S. The weather has turned rainy again. But tomorrow should be nice. I hope to get in a hike!