Saturday, August 28, 2021

Ashland Half Marathon Report

Half marathon # 31 has now come and gone. By the end of all these pictures, you'll feel like you've run a half marathon too. I was very pleased with how the race turned out. Here's the most important picture of all.

I am very proud of it. As you can see, I didn't do what I normally do during a race and go pedal to the medal. I ran a smart race and stayed well "within myself."  You can also see that I achieved my "A" goal of coming in under 3 hours despite the oppressive heat. Barely! 

Here's how the day went. I arrived in Ashland while it was still dark and tried to find a parking place (along with 600 other runners). 


Then I got my racing bib and stood in line for the porto-potty. When the race was about to start, I lined up around 2/3rds of the way to the back of the pack and off we went. Here are a few pics that will give you an idea of how the runners on the course slowly thinned out until everyone was pretty spread out. They will also show you just how scenic the course was.


My PR on this course is 2:29 but I got that time back when I was running full out -- not very wisely. Besides, today's race was really only a practice run for my peak races that are coming later in the year. Here I am fairly early in the race. 


And here I am around mile 11.

My legs didn't want to move as fast but I kept on running. The race challenged me mentally and physically, which is exactly what a half marathon is supposed to do. The most important thing was to keep moving forward. 

I am so thankful for all the aid we runners received along the course. 


Aid station volunteers -- angels in disguise.

It was very hot and we needed to constantly replenish our water bottles. And, although the crowds weren't very thick, the support that did show up was awesome.

There's nothing like approaching the finish line.

And receiving your medal.

Overall I had a great morning and a reminder that running, along with Bible reading and prayer, is one of the constants in my life that adds sanity to my daily routine. So if you ever see me running at a race, don't be surprised at my persistent and plodding style. And don't expect the smile to ever come off my perspiring face.