Saturday, August 21, 2021

Worship Wars

Chuck Swindoll addresses a number of topics in his book The Church Awakening. One chapter, in fact, is called "Church Worship: A Commitment ... Not a War." I'd encourage you to read it if you can. 


Here's a synopsis:

  • The canon isn't closed on church music. Chuck says, "... each new generation will continue to compose fresh choruses of worship and new songs of praise ... and that is as it should be -- it's biblical!"
  • To the charge that modern praise music has too much "meaningless repetition," Chuck writes, "Repetition of truth is never without meaning, if the worshiper is sincere (see Rev. 4:8!)." An excellent example is the "Hallelujah Chorus."
  • He unashamedly loves the grand old hymns. "They have been my dearest companions in dark hours of loneliness and discouragement and my greatest encouragement in times of celebration and adoration," he notes. "Why? Because the theology of hymns is far too rich and beneficial to lose. The hymn writers were wordsmiths and musicians (seldom the same person) who wove theology and melody together into splendid compositions."
  • "... non essentials would include expressions of worship, but never the essence of worship." 

The things that are tough in this life require making a finite decision and not simply surrendering to excuses. People on both sides of the worship wars need to remember that. Just because it's new (or old), doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.