Monday, August 16, 2021

What to Wear in My Triathlon?

If you read this blog regularly (and I hope you do), then you know I am not exactly the world's best dresser. Maybe it's my Hawaiian upbringing, but all I need is a tank top and swim shorts and I'm good to go. But there are certain occasions when I am forced to think about the proper clothing choices. This weekend's tri is a good example of that. Here's what I am wearing for the race:

This is not me.

Are you kidding? I don't have a big enough wallet to be able to afford a REAL men's tri suit. Instead, I've come up with my own concoction:

What do you think? I bought these shorts and shirt a couple of years ago when I began participating in triathlons and paid maybe 75 bucks for both of them. The shorts are your typical cycling pants that have a chamois padding sewn into the saddle area. The fit is snug so that it stays in place and won't flap in the wind when riding or running. Used with anti-chafing creams, these shorts do wonders to enhance the comfort of the cyclist. I never ride without them. As for the shirt, I'm using your typical cycling  jersey. 


Under Armour is now officially sponsoring me, which I why I could afford to retire.

Cycling jerseys were originally made from wool if you can believe it. Today they are made of synthetic fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. I will say, however, they fit very snugly. I haven't worn this top in years so I need to take it out for a practice swim/bike/run this week. 

I think this outfit will work pretty well. Even if it doesn't, I will wear it to make me look like a real triathlete even if I'm not one. All for the glory of the sport, of course. 😉