Wednesday, August 18, 2021

What Satisfies Your Runner's Soul?

Today I took advantage of a break in the rain to get my bike in. 


All that's left is tomorrow's swim at the pool. 

That's what I like about this triathlon thingy. You get to use muscles you'd otherwise never use if all you did was run. Biking and swimming create muscles in interesting areas, I must say! Besides, it feels so good to be doing something different every day. Throw in a good weight training session at the Y and life don't get no better. Once you set your goal (for me, that's simply finishing the tri!) both mind and body accept the challenge and learn to enjoy it. 

I am a runner first and foremost but I am also a triathlete who relishes the challenge that the tri affords. I can't imagine trying to juggle more activities ("what do you mean you don't golf and play tennis?"). In the next 4 months I hope to complete my 6th triathlon, my 31st half marathon (next weekend), my 18th full marathon, and my 2nd ultra marathon. Half marathons are actually my main love but the other events also satisfy my runner's soul. 

Let me also say that I love training as much as the events themselves. Every workout is a new and satisfying challenge. That said, I still respect the triathlon that I'm trying to do this weekend. My greatest fear is getting kicked in the teeth during the swim and having to eat apple sauce for the next 6 months. Plus, my teeth are already crooked enough as is. 

Races are an exercise in both patience and listening to your body. Right now it's a very fine line between training too little and training too much, but I like to think I'm managing things well. Yes, I'd like to be stronger and faster, but I also want to stay healthy and active for as long as I can. Our bodies are really good at telling us when we've overdone things. All we have to do is listen to them.