Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Back to the YMCA

I love the YMCA. I had to let my membership lapse last year because of Covid. But the local Y is up and running again so today I renewed my membership. 


They were very nice to me. They gave me the pre-Covid rate, plus a 15 percent discount for being a valued customer. The nice thing is that I can use my membership anywhere in the nation. I've already used it in Wake Forest and Kailua, Hawaii. I plan to use it in Dallas when I travel there in December, Lord willing. 

All of us lose muscle as we age. This is a problem for anyone who wants to remain active in their older years. Muscle allows us to move, and with less muscle we will move less. I'm not a lifting fanatic. I lift twice a week for no longer 45 minutes. Most of my strength training is focused on my upper body. 


But I also like to work the thighs and calves. 


As with running, the exercises I do must be fun and safe and make me feel better (not worse). Today's workout followed an easy bike ride. 


As usual while biking, I stayed within my comfort zone. Personally, I like to weight train after biking because I'm warmed up. 

I love weight lifting so it's always a temptation to do more lifting than I should. Done correctly, less is always more effective than more done incorrectly. Now that I have easy access to a gym again, I plan to make strength training a tool to help me achieve my running goals. 

So that's basically how my day has gone so far.