Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Fall Racing Schedule? Update

I won't bore you with all the details about my upcoming racing schedule. On the other hand, maybe I will. Because if you are having to reset over and over again, misery loves company. 

As you know, I would have been in Hawaii this month. But because of Covid I postponed my trip to later in the year. October would have been the best month for me to visit, but now the governor is telling people to stay away from the islands. That's fine. Probably not a good idea to be flying anyways unless you have to. Ditto for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincy this October. There are rumblings that the city's restrictions will mean that the expo and even the pre- and post-race gatherings will be spatially distanced. It's hard enough as it is to be with 30,000 other people without masking and social distancing. So I may not return to Cincy this fall after all. 

I've had a lot of time to think about this over the last few days. Here's what I've put together on my racing calendar as of today. Subject to change, of course:

August 28: Ashland Half Marathon.

September 25: Virginia 10-Miler.

October 9: High Bridge Ultra Marathon (50K).

November 13: Richmond Marathon.

Believe me, I realize that in the larger picture of things, my race schedule is a minor blip on the radar. That said, I think you all know how much running means to me. In all the ups and downs of life, running is one of the constants in my world, like Bible reading and prayer. It provides me with consistency, predictability, joy, a sense of accomplishment, and fellowship with my Creator. On today's run I marveled at all the fields I passed, including acres and acres of soy beans. 


In the end, we who farm might take credit for working hard, but we can't take credit for making anything grow. That's God's job. 

I still believe today what I have always believed: that the world God created is very good, and that his love is like nothing else on earth. Of all the things I'm thankful for right now in the midst of major life changes, it's that I'm making it through and into a new, better place. I'm still running my race. I'm beginning to think that in times as uncertain as ours, that's all we can ask for -- those sweet moments of walking with God, feeling protected by the goodness of his friendship. People are wondering about canceling their fall plans. I'm one of them. But that's okay by me. I have all I need right here -- the Bible, a Savior/Friend, and a Daddy to walk and talk with every day.