Tuesday, June 28, 2022



Latin: Ex ("out of" or "away from" ) + manus ("hand").

Literally: "Away from the hand."

Meaning: "Beyond reach." 

My decision has been made. It's all about discernment. Am I strong enough to climb the Allalinhorn in the Alps? And my answer is:

No. Not yet.

Yes, I've put off my trip to Zermatt for another year. I'm not where I want to be in terms of upper body strength. 

By next summer I will have been lifting for a year. Hopefully, I'll feel ready then. 

In your life, do you ever have a goal that turns out to be eminus, at least for now? The curveballs in this life are real. We MUST roll with the punches. But life moves on, just like in running. We march on, we work harder, we love each other. We never lose hope. There is always another day to fight the battle. 

Life can be hard at times but we need to focus on the good -- not the easy. When disappointment hits you, think back to all the good that has happened in your life. That will put things in perspective.

God bless,