Saturday, June 11, 2022

Just Do It!

Well, tomorrow is the big day -- my first triathlon of 2022. When I did my other 6 tri's, one of the most important things mentally that got me through the race was reminding myself to be thankful for the ability to move let alone to race. Everyone knows that mental strength is a huge component in reaching your goals. But mental strength is not only for racing. It's for when you're in college and the semester begins to get really tough and everything in you wants to quit. It is what gives us that extra push when that term paper is due. Our mantra becomes, "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever." 

Now that I'm deep into my ultramarathon training (the race is in only 3 weeks), my mental and spiritual well-being have become all-important. The last thing in the world I want to do as a 70-year old is cut back on my activities. Life really boils down to attitude, doesn't it? I don't know about you, but when I'm showing an attitude of gratitude I get perspective on all that is good in my life. I know I'm beginning to sound like a positive-thinking guru, but almost every step of this journey called life is a leap into the unknown and you can't be afraid to chase down your dreams. Triathlons are never easy. And they shouldn't be. I like to think that I gave it my everything so that there are no regrets when the race is over. 

Of course, a big part of training is the physical preparation, and today at the gym I was working on a new exercise (new for me at least) called the dumbbell waiter curl. Some think this is the best biceps exercise ever. 

Anyway, I've begun working on this exercise seriously and today I took pics to show to my trainer/physiotherapist. 

You will notice that I'm lifting very light weights. That's because I'm a weakling and need to be careful about getting injured. I am going to cycle this into my weekly training schedule. 

I'm not sure that I'm different from most of you, but my strengths are motivation, determination, and self-discipline. No excuses. Not now, not ever. "Just do it." (I just made that up.) 

Anyway, off to do yard work. Have a great weekend, friends!