Friday, June 17, 2022

The Wild Is Where I Crave to Be

Only one week left in summer school Greek. I sent my students home today with the explicit instructions to take at least one full day off from studying. I told them to get outdoors, to try something new, to go somewhere they've never been before, to do anything but their normal routine. Someone has said, "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal." Get outside. Get wet. Get smelly. Get dirty. Get hungry and thirsty. Get exhausted. Learn something new. 

Tomorrow I'm hiking, Lord willing. I love hiking. It's done wonders for my physical and mental well-being. We have become so dependent on useless stuff, addicted to materialism and dehumanized by high tech and the internet. Life becomes so much simpler when we disconnect from the fake and artificial world and connect with creation. Even sitting here at the computer I want to be outdoors. I just took this picture. 

When I am out in nature, these are the moments I really feel alive. Words just do not do justice to nature, do they? You need a picture. Hiking warms the soul and heals the heart, recharging your very being with every step.

We are only here for a little while and should appreciate what we have and the time we have to enjoy it. For as long as my body will allow, the wild is where I crave to be.