Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Need a Break from School?

I was going into my junior year at Biola. I kinda was just worn out from constant studying. And so I decided, Hey, I'm gonna go back home and work for a while and get my head in a better place. This is where I worked. 

The Princess Kaiulani is one of Waikiki's swankiest hotels. Here I made tons of money by bussing tables 6 nights a week. During the day, I surfed at Waikiki, Queens, Canoes, Publics, Diamond Head, and the Ala Moana Bowl. 

I did this for one semester and one summer. It was just what the kahuna ordered. 

After that hiatus I was raring and ready to get back to school. That brief sabbatical from studying put enough pineapple juice into my gas tank that I was able to complete my B.A. and then go on to finish  my M.Div. and doctoral studies without another break. 

Now, taking an entire semester off from school isn't a decision you should make lightly. Talk to your parents and/or a mentor outside your circle of friends to get their advice and perspective. And do be sure to complete the semester you're in. What is most important is to know yourself and what your needs are. Speaking only for myself, I'm almost sure I would have dropped out of college permanently had I not taken a hiatus. There are a lot of people who took a semester or year off and never went back. For me, I definitely worked harder and appreciated my education more when I went back to Biola after surfing every day for 7 months. 

Not knowing your situation, it's impossible for me to give you any advice. But if you feel burned out, taking a break is something you might want to consider.