Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Making Do With What Ya Have

Today I made a sandwich for lunch. Look at the bread. Sad. 

I miss Swiss bread. Bread is a huge part of Swiss Culture. 

Swiss people who live in the U.S. tell me the food they miss the most is the bread. If you want German speakers to talk about something passionately, ask them what the end part of a loaf of bread should be called. Switzerland is famous for doing lots of things well -- chocolate, cheese, fondue -- but I think Switzerland has the best bread in the world. My favorite is Zopf -- a rich, buttery bread cut into thick slices and served with butter and jam. I ate this for breakfast every day in Zermatt.

German-speaking Europe has about 3,000 types of bread. Sadly, the closest German bakery to my farm is in Durham. 

Ya make do with what ya have. 😂