Sunday, June 12, 2022

Race Report: UNC Health Triathlon in Knightdale

Today's triathlon was held at the Rex Wellness Center in Knightdale, NC. 

Packet pickup was a breeze. 

So was the arm marking. 

We got our bikes laid out and waited for the swim to begin. 

I was seeded 23 out of 120 participants for the swimming portion of the event. 

At this point I had to put my phone away to jump in the pool. After the swim and bike legs were finished, I was able to grab my phone again before the run, which was a short 2-mile out and back. 

A half mile or so from the finish line I tried to reel in this guy. 

But I was pretty jaded by then and he took off. 

I crossed the finish line with a net time of 01:34:00. 

I felt really good about all three legs of the race -- my fastest swim, bike, and run times ever! 

My finish time was good enough to earn third place in the Methuselah division (70-74 age group). 

If you've ever done a tri, you know how satisfying they are. I had a pretty fast swim, a good bike (though I really need to improve my speed), and a fairly fast run. I kept an okay pace throughout the race -- not anything to write home about, but hey, I'm not really competing against anyone except myself. I don't think I will ever be a very fast cyclist, but I can try and shave a few minutes off my time. We'll find out soon enough -- both the Garner and Wake Forest triathlons are coming up this summer. 

Let me tell you -- tris are cool. I have no tri clothes, but I'm thinking of getting some :)