Monday, June 13, 2022

The "Narrow Door"

My generation -- the Baby Boomers -- have failed the current generation of young people. They've had very poor models of interaction and civility. The anonymity of the keyboard has only made things worse. We've returned to burning people at the stake. 

Cruelty in the human heart never goes away. It can only be restrained. Now that we are "free," where do all the highways go? Only the self-responsible can cope with their freedom. That never changes nor will it. Sadly, the gospel we preach is often bastardized by weak-kneed evangelicals who are thoughtlessly building their own demise. It's a sad ending to what was once a beautiful, awe-inspiring movement. 

To my students: Follow evidence and decency. Reject the kind of humanism that draws people away from the fundamental need for spiritual nourishment. Call out lies when you hear them. You may feel as though you are the voice of one crying in the wilderness, but remember the lonely Marines stationed on Midway fighting off the Kido Butai and how they made the final victory possible. 

The answers to the ills of modern life are spiritual, not material. That's the "narrow door" Jesus speaks of. Without prayer and repentance, the world is finished.