Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Training in the HEAT

I had the BEST run today. Yes, it was hot, but my ultra is going to be in the heat so I might as well train for it.

This tunnel brought some much-needed relief from the blistering temps. 

Then it was back out into the heat. 

Which is one reason I always carry an ample amount of water with me. 

I thought I'd try for 8 total miles today, but I turned around after only 3. 

Still, 6 total miles isn't too bad for a day like today. 

We hear it every day. Prepare for the future. Think ahead. Plan for your adventures now so you can enjoy them later. That's pretty good advice if you ask me. 

Training in the heat these days? Put back that water and electrolytes, everyone, and we'll talk to you later!