Friday, June 3, 2022

The Lord's Supper: Weekly Or Weakly?

Ah, the weekly observance of the Lord's Supper. There are more and more of us traditional Baptists who are open to just that. True worship is always God-centered. It puts God in his proper place and puts us in a right relationship with him. A common meal (not just a sermon) is the food that nourishes the people of God and transforms them. It is apparently why the early church came together (Acts 20:7). No preaching can ever be a substitute for the Christocentricity of the New Testament church. Regular communion is the only cure for the narcissism and anthropocentricity we so often encounter in modern worship. This steady devotion to the Lord Christ is at the center of classic New Testament spirituality. This is not a disinterest in the sermon or in the words of Scripture, but mainly a consciousness that the message is only one part of the whole service. As Wheaton College professor Robert Webber was famous for saying, modern worship tends to be overidentified with rationalism and entertainment. True worship, he said, always stimulates the mind, but it can never be reduced to a lecture hall or stage. 

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