Wednesday, July 10, 2024


There. I said the word. I have always loved soda. Fruit juice too. But I haven't had either in months. I think I began to make better choices when I began to understand that my body had to process everything I put into it, turning that food or drink into something my body needed. I gradually came to realize that my digestive system wasn't designed to convert a 12-ounce Pepsi into food that my body could use for anything other than creating fat around my waist. At first, I saw my love for sodas as more powerful than anything I could overcome. However, when I began to view my digestive system as one of the many components of my overall fitness program, the battle I had been fighting for years was over. The one thing I wish I had learned sooner is just how important water is to your body. Without proper hydration, it's all too easy to use sodas and fruit drinks to quench one's thirst. 

Friend, please be careful about consuming too many calorie-containing beverages as those calories can add up very quickly in terms of their sugar content. My rule of thumb is to drink enough water that my urine is fairly clear during the day. Just how much to consume will vary hugely from person to person. Personally, I just drink a good amount of water upon waking up and then carry a water bottle with me throughout the day from which I sip regularly. 

Hope this helps!