Thursday, July 4, 2024

Tracking Your Calories (Macros)

Is it really necessary to track your calories (macros)? I'd say that tracking your macros right down to the exact figure probably isn't necessary for most people. It's usually not sustainable over the long term and will make your day to day eating plan more stressful overall. Of course, if you're trying to lose body fat and you're really wanting to get a handle on your nutrition, then making sure you're in a daily calorie deficit is something you need to do. I personally have started tracking my daily calories though I think over time the ultimate long term goal is to be able do this intuitively. Here's the burrito supreme I pigged out on at Taco Bell after my walk today. 

Before checking online, I guessed this meal totalled about 700 calories and contained about 20 grams of protein. I was close about the protein (19.96 grams) but way off in terms of the total calories (only 400). That's one reason I don't trust myself to guess. 

Speaking of my walk, today's weather was a lot hotter than it's been the past two days. 

And the humidity was off the charts. I'm not saying that my walk wasn't pleasant. I'm just saying that you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to the weather. Thankfully, the daily habit of walking is something I genuinely enjoy doing and look forward to.

Hope your day is going well. Happy Fourth!