Thursday, September 1, 2022

Fundamentally Speaking

I have two of psychologist Jordan Peterson's books and am a subscriber to his Youtube channel. What I find so interesting about him is how he can use very intellectual language but in such a way that I actually enjoy listening to him. In other speakers I find this trait reprehensible. Not so with Jordan Peterson. Somehow he gets aways with turning a simple "Can a cat get rabies?" into "I apprehend that you desire to ascertain whether it is possible for a cat to have rabies. My sense is that, fundamentally speaking, there are at least 18 phases of insanity to which humanity is subject, and I do not care to give an offhand opinion as to whether or not a cat may have one or more of these kinds of insanity unless you will accurately describe the symptoms and put your questions categorically. It is a matter of great supererogation."

Love it!