Monday, September 12, 2022

The Glory of the Greek Verb!

Tonight is a huge night in Greek 2. It's our review of the entire indicative verb. 

Our approach has been a morphological one all along. And why not? Greek has mathematical and architectural precision and logic. Looking at the Greek verb is like walking into the Cologne Cathedral for the first time and beholding its magnificence. 

Let me switch analogies here. Remember, the lexical morpheme is like the locomotive of a train. 

It's what drives everything else in the verb. To arrive at the total meaning of the train, however, you also have to unload all the boxcars (inflectional morphemes). Here's an example:


lu = lexical morpheme

th = passive voice morpheme

s = future time morpheme

o = neutral morpheme

metha = person/number morpheme/suffix

Putting all this together, we derive the meaning, "We will be loosed." Simple yet profound. 

Really, I cannot teach Greek any other way because I find that when students understand how the language works, what they memorize stays with them a lot longer. 

Glory to God!